Jun 18

Emergency Maintenance : Hosting : cpanel3

Customers with services provided by CPanel3 will shortly be experiencing an extended downtime this afternoon. We have been alerted to a failing drive and this must be replaced to prevent data loss.

At this point we do not have an exact length of the outage, however must stop several services to maintain customer data.

We will keep customers up to date via this forum posting.


Replacement equipment is ready; we are waiting on the completion of the data migration from the existing disks. This is running slower than normal due to the failing disk.

We will continue to provide updates when available.


The data migration is now completed. The equipment is in the process of being swapped, the the restoration can begin. We expect this to be quicker than the migration as the disks are not faulty.


Data restoration is now in progress. We will update further when this is complete.


Data restoration is now complete. There are a couple of observed issues which will be cleared up in the next 30 minutes.Services should now be restored to all users.