Category: Virtual Servers

Oct 27

COMPLETED: Planned Maintenance: OVZ VPS Kernel Upgrades

Planned Maintenance: OVZ VPS Kernel Upgrades OVZ (OpenVZ) Virtual Private Servers What is being done: upgrade to new kernel, security patches and updates. In order for the updates to take effect all virtual servers will need to be shutdown and restarted. This will take approximately 30 minutes during which time any “active” connections will be disconnected. Who is affected: All …

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Jul 04

COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance: OVZBudget02

What: Urgent Replacement of : Load based problems causing VPS Host Node random restarts on the ovz-budget-02 server This host/node has suffered 3 issues in recent weeks, and again today is under extreme load. We are therefore performing an emergency migration of all Active VPS to new hardware to prevent further servcie interruptions whilst …

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May 31

COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance: OVZBudget03

Outage: What: Intermittent connectivity issues accessing Virtual Private Servers on the ovz-budget-03 server caused by excessive CPU Load and Data-Transfer levels Affects: All customers with OVZ virtual machines on When: Ongoing This issue is under investigation, initial findings indicate one-or-more exploited virtual servers causing connectivity problems to other virtual machines on the same …

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May 29

COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance: OVZBudget03

Outage: What: The issue is currently undergoing active investigation. See updates further down. Affects: All customers with OVZ virtual machines on When: This condition was detected at 07:50 2016/05/29. We do not yet have an ETA for service restoration but this post will be updated as further information is available. Update 2016-05-29 12:00 The …

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Oct 18

COMPLETED: Downtime: MiniVPS OVH SSD Server

Downtime: MiniVPS OVH SSD Server The minivps ovz ssdfr1 server is currently offline/not responding What is being done: We are waiting on OVH support to restart the server and determine the status of the machine Who is affected: Clients with … OVZ-SSD-FR services from MiniVPS on servers/systems: ssd1fr Once the machine is returned to service …

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Aug 15

COMPLETED: Scheduled Maintenance: Astutium Ltd US network

Scheduled Maintenance: Astutium Ltd US network. What: Software upgrades on the network routers and switches. Affects: US Website Hosting, US Dedicated Servers, US Virtual/Cloud Servers and US (All) and UK (Multicraft access only) Minecraft Gaming Services. When: Thursday, August 22, 2013 from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. GMT   Planned maintenance on the Astutium Ltd US network will occur on 22/August/2013, …

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May 22

COMPLETED: Scheduled Maintenance – Migration of Virtual Private Servers (VPS-OVZ) to new Hardware

Migration to new OVZ/VPS Hardware As part of our ongoing processes of QA, Monitoring and Upgrading of equipment, it is time to “retire” some of the Virtual Private Server (VPS/OVZ) systems (including several from Mergers-&-Acquisitions) and move those client VPS onto new machines. Additionally ALL OpenVZ Virtual Server clients will be able to access the …

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Jan 25

COMPLETED: Outage – UKCloud Services, Manchester Cluster

Outage: UKCloud Services – Manchester Cluster What: The Manchester DataCentre has a complete outage, all services based at Telecity/UKGrid/Burst are currently inaccessible. Affects: All customers with onapp ukcloud virtual machines based in Manchester. Please note; this does not affect our London based services. When: This condition was detected at 04:00 25/01/2013.  We do not yet …

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Apr 05

COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance : Hosting : DHUK WebsitePanel Services

Thursday 5th April 2012 22:00 The hardware platform (servers) hosting “DirectHostingUK” WebsitePanel clients has failed, technicians are onsite determining the scope of the problem and what to do to bring the system(s) back online. *update* Friday 6th April 2012 02:00 The drive array containing all the client data/virtual-machines is degraded, replacement drives have been fitted …

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Apr 03

COMPLETED: Planned Maintenance: Level3 Router Replacement

We have been advised by Level(3) that they have a maintenance window planned 20 April 2012 01:00 – 04:00 BST where they will replace their London routing infrastructure.  This work will not cause a connectivity outage for any customer; however any connections through Level(3) at the point they perform their work may well be disconnected, …

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