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COMPLETED: Scheduled Maintenance: hSphere Mail Cluster

Disk Array Maintenance: hSphere Mail Cluster We have identified a failing member of the disk array behind the hSphere Mail Cluster.  Unfortunately due to the nature of the shared storage mail service must be interrupted to replace this member and rebuild the data to prevent any loss of stored e-mail.  Affected customers will be unable …

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Server Maintenance: DC Hosting (All servers)

Server Maintenance: All DC Hosting Services What: Updating Operating System packages and restarting servers. Affects: All customers with websites and email services for DC Hosting customers. When: 2012/10/31 19:00 to 21:00

COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance: Hosting – DC Hosting/Win1

Emergency Maintenance: Hosting – DC Hosting/Win1 What: This server has suffered a cooling failure and has been temporarily taken out of service for repairs. Affects: All customers with Windows hosting services provided by this service/server.  Please note; this will not affect e-mail or other account functions – just the web site. When: This condition was …

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COMPLETED: Planned Maintenance: H-Sphere server migration

What: Migrate data to a new server. Who (affects): All H-Sphere customers with sites hosted on server will be unable during the migration. When: starting Monday 16 July 2012 21:00 completing Monday 16 July 2012 22:00 Why: Increase server resources.

COMPLETED: Planned Maintenance: HSphere (DC-Hosting) Win6 RAID Rebuild

Due to a failed disk we will be replacing the drive and re-syncing the RAID. When: Thursday 20:00 What: Replace failing HDD and RAID sync. Affects: HSphere hosting/email clients on Win6 (DC-Hosting) Expected Outage: 1-2 hours during the RAID sync.

Planned Maintenance : Hosting

Starts: 03/September/2011 16:00 GMT Ends: 24/September/2011 22:00 GMT Details: Essential server and systems maintenance on shared hosting servers will be taking place throughout the weekend. Upgrade to latest version of Control Panel Upgrade to latest o/s version Upgrade to latest script installer Patch/fix Apache and PHP for latest exploits Add new RAM to upgrade …

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Emergency Maintenance : Hosting : DesignerHosting (DC Hosting)

At 09:32 we detected a fault with the datacentre systems for the old DesignerHosting / DC-Hosting servers, this was an unscheduled outage – an engineer is current en-route to investigate. As this was unscheduled, we do not have an ETA for it to be working again. We will keep you apprised as the engineer reports …

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Emergency Maintenance : Hosting : Web4 (DC Hosting)

This server has suffered an unknown failure, engineers are working on this at present. Additional checks are being made due to its recent replacement – we hope to have this back online before the morning. Update A recent Microsoft Update for this server required manual intervention with the console to restore service. We apologise for …

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Planned Maintenance : Hosting : HSphere Control Panel Server

re:Planned Maintenance : HSphere Control Panel Services This maintenance is now complete. Thank you for your patience.

Planned Maintenance : Hosting : HSphere Control Panel Server

Further to the emergency maintenance already carried out on this service, it is necessary to continue some further housekeeping work on the hSphere control panel server. This maintenance will be carried out at 17:45 BST Friday 9th April 2010. We expect the outage to be 60 minutes. This outage will not affect web or e-mail …

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