COMPLETED: Planned Maintenance/Upgrade – PHP 5.3 (cPanel Servers)

Commencing 23rd January 2012 we will begin upgrading cPanel  Servers to PHP 5.3.  This will have an impact on scripts that have not been coded to PHP standards or rely on outdated behaviours.

For most pre-packaged applications this should have no effect at all – with the exception of some upgrade choices becoming available.  If your previously working scripts fail after the upgrade, please contact Support via the normal channels (support -at- / to see if we can provide any assistance.  Please note however, that all customer scripts are their responsibility. has full details of current standards and all the details of changes between 5.2 and 5.3.

cPanel1 ( will be upgraded Monday 23rd January 17:00 (approx. GMT).
cPanel2 ( will be upgraded Tuesday 24th January 17:00 (approx. GMT).
cPanel3 ( will be upgraded Wednesday 25th January 17:00 (approx. GMT).
cPanel5 ( will be upgraded Thursday 26th January 17:00 (approx. GMT).
cPanel6 ( will be upgraded Friday 27th January 17:00 (approx. GMT).

These upgrades may be postponed or cancelled depending on the levels of issues encountered with customer scripts.  Please check the status blog ( on the date of your server’s upgrade for final confirmation.

Final Update (27 January 2012 20:59) – All upgrades are now completed.