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COMPLETED: Major Engineering Works – Services at Risk

DataCenter Major Engineering Works Power Testing, Upgrades and Replacements What is being done: Replacement of faulty UPS Checking of Breakers and Wiring Failover Testing of Power Systems Following the unexpected power issues at Level3/CenturyLink on 8th and 12th of June which caused major disruptions to all datacentre tennants, they are performing major testing and remedial …

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COMPLETED: Planned Maintenance: DDUK Servers/Services Upgrade and Restart

Planned Maintenance:¬†DDUK Servers/Services Upgrades Operating Systems, Control Panels, Script Installers, DNS and Other Add-On Services What is being done: upgrade to new operating system version update of anti-virus software installation of .66. cPanel/WHM update of security systems including firewalls and intrusion detection software essential patches and maintenance In order for the updates to take effect …

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COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance – DNP1W2K8

DotNetPanel Your Windows Control Panel

COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance: DotNetPanel Hosting Server DNP1Win2K8 What is being done: Follwing a fault with service not correctly starting in windows a hard reboot of the server was necessary. Server is now failing at boot unable to read from sections of the drives/array. Replacement of SSD primary drives necessary before reinstallation/repair of Windows Core 2k8 …

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