November 2015 archive

COMPLETED: Planned Maintenance: Shared Hosting Services

Planned Maintenance: Shared Hosting Services Patches for OS / Control Panels and Upgrades to Hardware What is being done: * Upgrade to latest versions of Operating Systems, Control Panels, Script Installers and System Addons * Additional RAM to motherboard maximum supported levels for all shared-hosting services * Standardisation of hosting server specifications across all platforms …

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COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance: Win6/DC Hosting

Outage: Win6 (DC Hosting) due to RAID Array Degredation What: All customer websites served from Win6 are currently unavailable.  Mail and other servers are still available. Affects: All customers with websites served from Win6 (DC Hosting). Please note; this does not affect any part of the Astutium Network, or the MiniVPS Maidenhead or Manchester based …

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