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COMPLETED: Planned Maintenance: OVZ VPS Kernel Upgrades

Planned Maintenance: OVZ VPS Kernel Upgrades OVZ (OpenVZ) Virtual Private Servers What is being done: upgrade to new kernel, security patches and updates. In order for the updates to take effect all virtual servers will need to be shutdown and restarted. This will take approximately 30 minutes during which time any “active” connections will be disconnected. Who is affected: All …

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COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance: OVZBudget03

Outage: ovz-budget-03.vps.astutium.com What: The issue is currently undergoing active investigation. See updates further down. Affects: All customers with OVZ virtual machines on ovz-budget-03.vps.astutium.com. When: This condition was detected at 07:50 2016/05/29. We do not yet have an ETA for service restoration but this post will be updated as further information is available. Update 2016-05-29 12:00 The …

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COMPLETED: Downtime: MiniVPS OVH SSD Server

Downtime: MiniVPS OVH SSD Server The minivps ovz ssdfr1 server is currently offline/not responding What is being done: We are waiting on OVH support to restart the server and determine the status of the machine Who is affected: Clients with … OVZ-SSD-FR services from MiniVPS on servers/systems: ssd1fr Once the machine is returned to service …

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