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COMPLETED: Planned Maintenance: Shared Hosting Servers

Shared Hosting Services Security Updates and Patches What is being done: upgrade to new operating system versions rollout of latest security patches additional rules for intrusion detection systems and firewalls In order for the updates to take effect servers will need to be shutdown, updated and then restarted. This will take approximately 1 hour during which time …

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COMPLETED: Planned Maintenance: HSPhere Hosting Services

Planned Maintenance: HSphere Hosting Services Patches for OS and Replacement of Hardware When is this maintenance: Starting Thursday 3rd December 2015 18:00 Completing Monday 7th December 2015 06:00 What is being done: * Upgrade to latest versions of Operating Systems where supported * Additional RAM to motherboard maximum supported levels for all shared-hosting services * Standardisation …

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COMPLETED: Planned Maintenance: H-Sphere hsphere-linwebs1.othellohosts.net server migration

What: Migrate data to a new server. Who (affects): All H-Sphere customers with sites hosted on server hsphere-linwebs1.othellohosts.net will be unable during the migration. When: starting Monday 16 July 2012 21:00 completing Monday 16 July 2012 22:00 Why: Increase server resources.

COMPLETED: Planned Maintenance: HSphere (DC-Hosting) Win6 RAID Rebuild

Due to a failed disk we will be replacing the drive and re-syncing the RAID. When: Thursday 20:00 What: Replace failing HDD and RAID sync. Affects: HSphere hosting/email clients on Win6 (DC-Hosting) Expected Outage: 1-2 hours during the RAID sync.