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COMPLETED: Planned Maintenance: Shared Hosting Servers

Shared Hosting Services Security Updates and Patches What is being done: upgrade to new operating system versions rollout of latest security patches additional rules for intrusion detection systems and firewalls In order for the updates to take effect servers will need to be shutdown, updated and then restarted. This will take approximately¬†1 hour¬†during which time …

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COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance – DNP1W2K8

DotNetPanel Your Windows Control Panel

COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance: DotNetPanel Hosting Server DNP1Win2K8 What is being done: Follwing a fault with service not correctly starting in windows a hard reboot of the server was necessary. Server is now failing at boot unable to read from sections of the drives/array. Replacement of SSD primary drives necessary before reinstallation/repair of Windows Core 2k8 …

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