COMPLETED: Downtime: MiniVPS OVH SSD Server

Downtime: MiniVPS OVH SSD Server

The minivps ovz ssdfr1 server is currently offline/not responding

What is being done:

We are waiting on OVH support to restart the server and determine the status of the machine

Who is affected:

Clients with …

  • OVZ-SSD-FR services from MiniVPS
    on servers/systems: ssd1fr

Once the machine is returned to service we will begin the process of migrating virtual private servers to more reliable hardware

When is this maintenance:

Starting 18/October/2015 – 09:02
Completing unknown at this time


OVH Technical Support attended the machine @ 09:52 19/October/2015 and brought the machine back online, IPv4 routing and IPv6 routing was re-established shortly afterwards and all VPS are available again.

If you are still experiencing connectivity issues to yoru virtual machine, please open a ticket for the Support department through the Client Portal at

We will now make plans to migrate the virtual machines to more stable hardware and decomission the current minivps-ssd-fr1 server – detail will be sent individually to affected clients over the coming weeks.