COMPLETED: Planned Maintenance: Updates and Migrations of all Shared and Reseller Hosting

Shared and Reseller Hosting Services

Server Migrations and Upgrades

What is being done:

  • upgrade to new version of Web Host Manager (whm)
  • upgrade to new version of cPanel
  • upgrade to MySQL/MariaDB versions
  • upgrade add-on packages & script installers
  • migration to new hardware

In order for the updates to take effect all services will need to go through a shutdown, move, update and reload

These are long maintenance windows each weekend covering approximately 60 hours in total.

Each individual server/service will take between 30 and 90 minutes to upgrade/update/replace/migrate during which time there will be periods of sites, email, databases and associated file access showing as unavailable.

On completion of each server, services will return to normal and the next machine will be started.

Who is affected:

All Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Media Hosting, ShoutCAST Hosting, File Hosting, Email Hosting, WordPress Hosting and E-commerce Hosting services on all shared servers.

When is this maintenance:

05/02/2021 21:00 – 08/02/2021 09:00
12/02/2021 21:00 – 15/02/2021 09:00
19/02/2021 21:00 – 22/02/2021 09:00
26/02/2021 21:00 – 01/03/2021 09:00

Why do we need to do this:

It is important for the continued uptime, performance and overall security of your websites, blogs, shopping-carts, email and related services that each of the systems are upgraded regularly to the latest versions.

New protocols/rules relating to SSL certificates require a change to a new operating system to ensure website visitoirs who uipdate their browsers can still access your sites

Additionally CentOS have withdrawn support and updates for C8 (and end-of-lifed all versions except C7) meaning urgent moves to a new platform are necessary

On completion of the initial hardware and control panel maintenance a process of server migration to new hardware for any remaining legacy sites/systems (hshere, plesk, dnp and WHM pre v90) will be scheduled.