COMPLETED: Planned Maintenance: DDUK Servers/Services Upgrade and Restart

Planned Maintenance: DDUK Servers/Services Upgrades

Operating Systems, Control Panels, Script Installers, DNS and Other Add-On Services

What is being done:

  • upgrade to new operating system version
  • update of anti-virus software
  • installation of .66. cPanel/WHM
  • update of security systems including firewalls and intrusion detection software
  • essential patches and maintenance

In order for the updates to take effect individual services and/or servers will require a number of shutdowns & restarts

This will take approximately 15 minutes per server during which time the affected systems will be temporarily unavailable.

Who is affected:

Shared Hosting
Email Hosting
WordPress Hosting
Ecommerce Hosting
Email Forwarding
Web Forwarding

  • cPanel/Server10 Clients
  • cPanel/Server11 Clients
  • cPanel/Server12 Clients
  • cPanel/Server15 Clients
  • cPanel/Server16 Clients
  • Android App Clients
  • iOS App Clients

Incoming email during this time will “queue” at the sender.
Outbound emails will stay on your local machine (where using a mail client)
Webmail access will be unavailable until the work is completed

Websites will be unavailable until the server has completely restarted following the upgrades and patches.

FTP upload/download access will return automatically once the server has restarted.

Hosting Control Panels will be temporarily unavailable until the maintenance is finished.

Hosted Apps and Hosted Scripts will be unavailable until the server has completely restarted following the upgrades and patches.

When is this maintenance:

Starting: Friday 13th October 17:30
Completing: Friday 13th October 18:30

Why do we need to do this:

It is important for the safety and security of your data that each of the various components/servers/systems/package providing your service has the most current security updates, operating system patches, anti-virus, anti-malware, ids/firewall rules and industry best-practices for handling abuse/dos/ddos/etc

Disruptive Maintenance like this is always kept to the minimum possible timeframes.