COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance – Plesk 3

Unfortunately hosting server platform Plesk-3 has failed beyond repair.

This will be affecting any services (email, ftp, web, mysql) you had running on that server.

Technicians are working on restoring our last good backup to new hardware, however this is likely to take several days at least.

You have 2 options, and we would be grateful if you’d let us know which you’d prefer…

*1 – New Hosting Account

If you have a local copy of your website/files (or recent local backup), or only used the account for emails and did not have a website, then the quickest way to get you back online is for us to create you a new hosting account on our new platform, and then you can access the control panel to add email addresses, and copy back up your website – this may mean you updating the nameservers on your domain if not registered with us – details will be provided if this is the case

* 2 – Wait For Restore

If you do not have local copies of your website files (and databases etc if db-driven/dynamic) then we wil continue to restore the server backups and then move your hosting account onto a new server once this has completed. There is no ETA on this as yet – best ‘guess’ based on the amount of data to recover (several terrabytes) and the speed of the restore software etc, this will take at least 3 days possibly longer.

If you could let us know whether you’d prefer a new account and to upload your files rather than waiting for the restore, we can get you setup immediately on the new systems.

Pleae accept our applogies for the inconvenience, issues with our hosting services are very rare, and complete hardware failure rarer still, and we are working on resolving this as quickly as possible

Update 1 (2013/09/17 21:59): The server has been restored. If you are still having problems with the service please raise a support ticket.