COMPLETED: Emergency Maintanence – CPanel6

Completed: Emergency Maintenance: cPanel11 Hosting Server

What is being done:

At present the drives are being checked for consistency and being reorganised due to potential issues being reported by the drives.

Who is affected:

Clients with cPanel/WHM Linux Hosting Services (web, email, personal, business hosting packages) on server:

  • cPanel6


When is this maintenance:

Starting Sunday 16 November 2014 19:00
Completing – Presently unknown

Why do we need to do this:

The current disk drives in this server are reporting potential problems.  We are taking this action at this stage to prevent further issues later on.  Depending on the outcome of the initial work, the drives may need to be replaced.


  • 16/11/2014 20:53 – Services have been restored at present.  Another window will be scheduled to replaced the disks.