COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance: Astutium cPanel10 Shared Hosting Server

Emergency Maintenance: cPanel Hosting Server cpanel10

What is being done:

Replacement of primary SSD disk array.

Who is affected:

Clients with Hosting Services on UK/London cPanel Hosting (web, email, personal, business hosting packages) on server:

  • cpanel10

When is this maintenance:

Starting Tuesday 27 September 18:00
Completing Thursday 29 September 15:00

Why do we need to do this:

The current disk drives in this server are reporting physical problems following excessive server load.
We are taking this action at this stage to fix the current issue and to prevent further issues / data-loss later on.
After the initial diagnosis it was determined that the drive(s) need to be replaced immediately before attempting to bring services back online.


  • 29/Sept/2022 – 15:00
    Data restore complete and the server back online. Mail queued on the remote servers will be delivered as normal once the sending server retries.
  • 29/Sept/2022 – 11:00
    Data Restore at 91%
  • 29/Sept/2022 – 08:30
    Data Restore at 85%
  • 29/Sept/2022 – 00:20
    Data Restore at 70%
  • 28/Sept/2022 – 18:55
    Data Restore at 60%
  • 28/Sept/2022 – 14:45
    Data Restore at 50%
  • 28/Sept/2022 – 10:00
    Data Restore at 40%
  • 28/Sept/2022 – 04:00
    Data Restore at 30%. Unfortunately (as we have been asked in tickets) it’s not possible to speed this up (if we could, we would !)
  • 27/Sept/2022 – 22:00
    Data restore in progress – web and ftp services will be offline until completed, current email access will be offline until completed, new emails will queue on the senders’ systems until the mailserver is fully available
  • 27/Sept/2022 – 20:00
    Drive array is failing to read correctly, disks removed and replaced