Planned Maintenance : Hosting

Starts: 03/September/2011 16:00 GMT
Ends: 24/September/2011 22:00 GMT

Essential server and systems maintenance on shared hosting servers will be taking place throughout the weekend.

  • Upgrade to latest version of Control Panel
  • Upgrade to latest o/s version
  • Upgrade to latest script installer
  • Patch/fix Apache and PHP for latest exploits
  • Add new RAM to upgrade all to min 8Gb

All shared hosted clients on systems at IPHouse…

  • Linux Hosting (Plesk, CPanel, DirectAdmin, CP+) Clients
  • Windows Hosting (Plesk, HELM, DotNetPanel, WSP) Clients
  • Video Streaming Services Clients
  • Radio Streaming Services Clients
  • Magento Ecommerce Hosting Clients
  • WordPress Enterprise Hosting Clients
  • Joomla SaaS Hosting Clients
  • HSphere DCH Cluster Clients
  • Acquired MidnightSoftware Clients

There should only be minimal disruption to any websites, for the periods the machine is powered down (for hardware updates) or restarting services.

Should you experience any issues _before_ the server is updated, please open a ticket for support with all the details.

Should you experience any issues _after_ the server is updated, please open a ticket for support with all the details.

The forum will be updated as each machine is started and completed, please do not raise any “my site is down” support tickets whilst the server is under maintenance as
[a] we know and
[b] it’ll be back in 15 minutes


System: PleskWindows1 updates started.
System: PleskWindows1 updates completed.


System: MailFail1 updates started.
System: MailFail1 updates completed.

System: MailFail2 updates started.
System: MailFail2 updates completed.


System: Plesk7 updates started.
System: Plesk7 updates completed.

System: Plesk9 updates started.
System: Plesk9 updates completed.

System: PleskLinuxReseller9 updates started.
System: PleskLinuxReseller9 updates completed.


System: Plesk8 updates started.
System: Plesk8 updates completed.

System: PleskLinuxReseller8 updates started.
System: PleskLinuxReseller8 updates completed.


System: CPanel1 updates started.
System: CPanel1 updates completed.

System: CPanel3 failed.
System: CPanel3 replaced with new machine.

System: CPanel5 updates started.
System: CPanel5 updates completed.

System: CPanel6 updates started.
System: CPanel6 updates completed.

System: CPanel7 updates started.
System: CPanel7 updates completed.

System: CPanel2 updates postponed.
System: CPanel4 updates postponed.


System: CPanel2 updates started.
System: CPanel2 updates completed.

System: CPanel4 updates started.
System: CPanel4 updates completed.

System: Ensim1 updates started.
System: Ensim1 updates completed.

System: DNP1 updates postponed.