COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance : Hosting : Plesk1 (Duck)

Server Plesk1 (Duck) has failed with a corrupt RAID array.

DataCentre technicians are onsite investigating if it can be repaired and returned to service.

If the current server is unrecoverable a new plesk server will be deployed and all sites/emails etc restored from backups.

ETA for server availability / next update 12:30 16/December/2011

Update 1:
We apologise for the lateness of the update; repairs are continuing to progress, data recovery is at approximately 10%.
Next update: 15:00 16/December/2011

Update 2:
This server has now been restored to service.  We apologise for the extended downtime, this machine is being scheduled for replacement in the near future.  E-mail will begin to be delivered over the next few hours, however this depends on the sending server’s retry schedule.
If you have any further issues, please contact support via the usual channels.