COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance : Hosting : DHUK WebsitePanel Services

Thursday 5th April 2012 22:00

The hardware platform (servers) hosting “DirectHostingUK” WebsitePanel clients has failed, technicians are onsite determining the scope of the problem and what to do to bring the system(s) back online.


Friday 6th April 2012 02:00

The drive array containing all the client data/virtual-machines is degraded, replacement drives have been fitted and the rebuild of the R10 arrays started – ETA ~24hours.


Saturday 7th April 2012 21:00

The drive rebuild has failed, due to corruption of the data content. We are now attempting to restore the data from backups of the service.


Monday 9th April 2012 20:00

Data cannot be recovered from the original drives, or from the backup drives.
The backup data is corrupt and unusable due to the source-data being unreadable.
At this stage the service is now considered permanently unrecoverable.

If you have not already contacted support to arrange a replacement hosting account, you should have received and email regarding the next-steps available to you for getting your site(s) back online.