COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance: Plesk1 (Duck)

Emergency Maintenance: Hosting Plesk 1

What: Unexpected Disk Failure of Hosting Server Plesk-1

Affects: All resellers/customers with websites and email services on Plesk 1

When: 2013/06/20 10:10

Engineers are onsite investigating the extent of the problems.

It is currently expected that a new server will need to be deployed (ETA 12 hours) and hosting/email accounts recreated.

Update 1 (20/06/2013 11:40): Engineers are now confident they will be able to restore the data to replacement disks in the same server, as yet there is no complete ETA for the restore – so we are standing by the 12 hour estimate.

Update 2 (20/06/2013 14:12): Data from the latest stable backup point (19/06/2013 00:00) has been restored. If you are still having problems with the service please raise a support ticket.