COMPLETED: Scheduled Maintenance: hSphere Mail Cluster

Disk Array Maintenance: hSphere Mail Cluster

We have identified a failing member of the disk array behind the hSphere Mail Cluster.  Unfortunately due to the nature of the shared storage mail service must be interrupted to replace this member and rebuild the data to prevent any loss of stored e-mail.  Affected customers will be unable to send or receive e-mail during the window, any mail sent to your addresses will be queued on the sending server and retried according to the sending servers’ policies.

When: 07/June/2013 20:00 to 09/June/2013 20:00

Affects: Mail Services for hSphere users – Business/Personal-[1234]-hSphere plans.

What: Replacement of failing disk member and array rebuild.

Outage: Potentially the entire window, all mail services (SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4) for hSphere customers.

Update 1 – 08/06/2013 13:00 (Final):  This maintenance has been completed ahead of schedule; all affected services have been restored.  If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact support via the usual channels.