COMPLETED: Planned Maintenance: cPanel Hosting Servers

Planned Maintenance: cPanel Hosting Servers

Upgrades to latest control panel and standardisation of mailserver configurations

What is being done:

Upgrade of cPanel/WHM to latest version – fixes bugs with …
* under-reported quotas
* mailman mailing list urls/ownership
* missing disk/bw stats
* standardisation of imap mailserver configurations

Who is affected:

Clients with Linux Hosting Services (web, email, personal, business, enterprise and reseller packages) on servers:

  • cPanel01
  • cPanel02
  • cPanel03
  • cPanel04
  • cPanel05
  • cPanel06
  • cPanel07
  • cPanel08
  • cPanel09
  • cPanel10
  • cPanel11
  • all cPanel/WHM servers from acquisitions

The servers will remain on/up during the upgrades, installations and updates.

During the maintenance window you will not be able to upgrade/downgrade your hosting accounts through the Client Portal or directly in WHM) or check storage quotas.

The servers will need to have all services stopped and restarted at the end of their upgrade cycle – this will involve a maximum of 15 minutes of outage of all services (mail, web, databases etc) on a server by server basis.
We are unable to provide an exact time of the 15 minutes of disruption as each server will take a variable amount of time to update depending on the number of emails/ftp users/website visitors active during the day.

Clients with IMAP folders that are syncronised to local mail programs (like outlook) will need your mail program to collect the complete list of emails again (this should happen seamlessly when the mail service on your server restarts) and takes an average of 3 minutes per mailbox.

There are bugs in some email clients which following a re-sync incorrectly report all previously read emails as ‘new’ mails – we apologise in advance if this happens, but it’s a ‘feature’ of your local email program (instead of the mailservers that we control) so beyond our ability to stop or influence.

When is this maintenance:

Starting Saturday 20 September 2014 12:00
Completing Saturday 20 September 2014 22:00

Why do we need to do this:

Increasing the anti-spam and anti-virus capabilities.
Fixing some bugs which have been reported by clients with the control panel.
Standardising configurations to make maintenance more automated and less disruptive in future.
Applying latest linux, cpanel/whm, apache, ftp and mysql security patches.