COMPLETED: Planned Maintenance: Astutium Website and Client Portal

Planned Maintenance: Astutium Website and Client Portal

Rollout of new features and fixes

When is this maintenance:

Starting Monday 1st February 2016 10:00
Completing Monday 1st February 2016 18:00

What is being done:

* Upgrade to latest versions of Operating System
* Security enhancements to Client Portal
* Changes to new version of Smarty & PHP

Who is affected:

All visitors to our website and client portal

End-user services are not affected in any way

Our website server will need to be taken offline for a few short periods during the maintenance to update php, apache, mysql etc

During the maintenance window you will temporarily not be able to access the client portal to make changes to domains, hosting, vps etc

Why do we need to do this:

It is important for the safety and security of your data that we continually improve security to our services.
Additionally new features and enhancements to our client portal require a migration to a new OS and PHP version.