COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance: DiscountDomains UK CP15 Shared Hosting Server

Emergency Maintenance: DDUKCP15 cPanel Hosting Servic

Drive Array Replacement

What is being done:

  • replace faulty drive(s)
  • rebuild array(s)
  • restore data

In order for the disks to be replaced following a reported fault, services [ ftp, web, email, databases ] will need to go through shutdown, copy to new disks, restore of missing/failed/corrupt files and restart

This will take approximately 90 minutes during which time service performance will be reduced or unavailable.

Who is affected:

All Shared Email and Web Hosting services on:

  • DDUK cPanel Server 15

When is this maintenance:

Starting: 18/October/2019 at 21:15
Completing: 18/October/2019 at 22:45

Why do we need to do this:

As part of our system health monitoring we have found the disk(s) in the machine are failing. I order to prevent extended downtime caused by complete data loss, it is necessary to replace the disks immediately – this will keep any disruption down to minutes rather than potentially days.

UPDATE 23:00

The data copy has been completed technicians are working on the final checks before enabling access to the server