COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance: DiscountDomains UK CP15 Shared Hosting Server

Emergency Maintenance: DDUKCP15 cPanel Shared Hosting Service

Drive Array Replacement

What is being done:

  • replace faulty drive(s)
  • rebuild array(s)
  • restore data

In order for the disks to be replaced following a reported fault, services [ ftp, web, email, databases ] will need to go through shutdown, copy to new disks, restore of missing/failed/corrupt files and restart

This will take approximately 24-48 hours during which time service performance will be reduced or unavailable.

Who is affected:

All Shared Email and Web Hosting services on:

  • DDUK cPanel Server 15

When is this maintenance:

Starting: 20/April/2020 at 07:30
Completing: 21/April/2020 at 19:30

Why do we need to do this:

The machines have failed irrecoverably, and must be replaced, followed by data recovery/restore and hosting account configuration

UPDATE 13:30

The replacement work is ongoing, although slower than originally anticipated, we aim to have all services back online later today/sometime tomorrow

UPDATE 21:30

The server replacement has been installed and setup, new control panel setup and checked, configuration and security systems applied, data can now be recovered/restored – this is expected to take at least another 12 hours before all services are back online.

UPDATE 01:30

Data recovery/restore and hosting account redeployment is ongoing, with appx 30 of services now back online

UPDATE 04:00

Data recovery/restore and hosting account redeployment is ongoing, with over 60% of services now back online

UPDATE 08:30

Data recovery/restore completed and all sites/services are operating as expected.

If you are seeing any issues accessing your website, emails etc please open a ticket through the client portal and the technicians will be able to investigate