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Emergency Maintenance : Hosting: cPanel4

All, We apologise for the outage in service, this host has developed some filesystem corruption and we were forced to take it out of service to correct it. At this stage engineers are actively working on the issue but there is no estimate available as to how long it will take to complete. We will …

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Emergency Maintenance : Hosting : Web4 (DC Hosting)

This server has suffered an unknown failure, engineers are working on this at present. Additional checks are being made due to its recent replacement – we hope to have this back online before the morning. Update A recent Microsoft Update for this server required manual intervention with the console to restore service. We apologise for …

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Emergency Maintenance : HostAssist

We apologise for the unscheduled outage of the HostAssist system, this was due to an unexpected update which required a rollback. Engineers are working on the task and all e-mail tickets are being queued. If you require non-urgent support, please e-mailĀ support@othellotech.netand the engineers will respond once the update is complete. Update HostAssist is now available …

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Emergency Maintenance : Hosting : cpanel3

Customers with services provided by CPanel3 will shortly be experiencing an extended downtime this afternoon. We have been alerted to a failing drive and this must be replaced to prevent data loss. At this point we do not have an exact length of the outage, however must stop several services to maintain customer data. We …

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Emergency Maintenance : Hosting : cpanel4 (Disk)

Customers with services provided by cpanel4 will be experiencing an unexpected, unplanned outage due to essential disk maintenance on this server. At this point we do not have an exact time for services to be restored, this will ultimately be decided by how much corrective action needs to be taken after the integrity scans complete. …

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Planned Maintenance : Hosting : HSphere Control Panel Server

Further to the emergency maintenance already carried out on this service, it is necessary to continue some further housekeeping work on the hSphere control panel server. This maintenance will be carried out at 17:45 BST Friday 9th April 2010. We expect the outage to be 60 minutes. This outage will not affect web or e-mail …

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