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COMPLETED: Planned Maintenance: Level3 Router Replacement

We have been advised by Level(3) that they have a maintenance window planned 20 April 2012 01:00 – 04:00 BST where they will replace their London routing infrastructure.  This work will not cause a connectivity outage for any customer; however any connections through Level(3) at the point they perform their work may well be disconnected, …

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COMPLETED: Planned Migration: UKCloud Shared Hosting

Following our acquisition of UKCloud customers, we are in the process of migrating the shared hosting services to our own datacentre and servers. This process is currently underway and the main bulk of data transfers and updates will be completed by 12:00 BST 25th March 2012.  Any domains using and will be migrated …

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COMPLETED: Planned Maintenance – LINX (Extreme LAN) Renumbering

What: As part of the expansion of LINX (the London Internet eXchange), we are required to change IP addressing and configuration with peering partners. When: Saturday 17th March 09:00 onwards. Affecting: This work is not expected to cause any issues, although the path traffic is routed along will change during the works.  Othello has more …

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COMPLETED: CentralNIC Planned Maintenance

CentralNIC have advised us of their annual database maintenance period.  This is scheduled for 09:00 (GMT/UTC) Sunday January 29 2012.  They did not provide a duration, however we expect the service to be considered at-risk until at least 13:00.  During this period it will not be possible to register, renew or update (contacts or nameservers) …

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COMPLETED: Planned Maintenance/Upgrade – PHP 5.3 (cPanel Servers)

Commencing 23rd January 2012 we will begin upgrading cPanel  Servers to PHP 5.3.  This will have an impact on scripts that have not been coded to PHP standards or rely on outdated behaviours. For most pre-packaged applications this should have no effect at all – with the exception of some upgrade choices becoming available.  If …

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COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance : Hosting : Plesk1 (Duck)

Server Plesk1 (Duck) has again suffered a RAID array degredation.  We have therefore treated the hardware as suspect and provisioned a replacement.  User data is currently being migrated to the new hardware, services will be unavailable until this process completes.  We apologise for any inconvenience, but believe this to be the prudent course of action …

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COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance : Hosting : Percy

This server has suffered an unknown failure, engineers have been dispatched to investigate. At this point we have no ETA for service restoration. More information will be posted as it becomes available. Update This server had developed a filesystem inconsistency, which has now been repaired. We apologise for the unexpected outage.

Emergency Maintenance : Hosting : cpanel2

Customers with services provided by CPanel2 will be experiencing downtime this afternoon. This server has suffered an unknown failure without warning. At this point we do not have an exact length of the outage, however an engineer in en-route to diagnose the fault. We will keep customers up to date via this forum posting. Update …

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Emergency Maintenance : Hosting : Stream2 – NIC Failure

We are aware of the issue regarding services. At this stage it appears to be a NIC failure, an engineer in en-route to diagnose and correct. We will post more information once we have it. Update We apologise for the extended outage, the failure has been repaired.

Planned Maintenance : Midnight Software : Migration Status

We apologise to all former Midnight Software customers for the inconvenience, this hastily arranged migration was not our original plan and was a result of the business situation left by Midnight with their suppliers. The current migration status is: – HyperV VPS – being worked on OpenVZ – being worked on Cpanel Hosting – sites …

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