COMPLETED: Planned Maintenance : Cooling : Chiller Introduction

Planned Maintenance : Cooling : Chiller Introduction

What: Introduction into the live cooling circuit of new rooftop Aircon Chiller ref 2:2

Who (Affects): Building Facilities – Non Service Affecting

When (start, end): Thursday 26th July 10:00 – 18:00 and Friday 27th July 10:00 – 18:00

Why: In order to extend the Othello PremierDC DataCentre facilities, we are introducing new Chiller circuits in a staged upgrade so that even when aircon is under maintenance, we maintian Tier3+ levels of service with 2N+1 on all critical systems.

This work is to bring online one additional Chiller circuit (taking the current total to 4) and should not impact client service levels at all.
Chiller has already been fitted, commissioning takes ~2 days.
Facilities team members and aircon contractors will be onsite 24/7 during all works.