COMPLETED: Scheduled Maintenance: Hosting Plesk 9

Scheduled Maintenance: Hosting Plesk 9

What: Replacement of Server Hosting Server Plesk-9

Affects: All resellers/customers with websites and email services on Plesk 9

When: 2013/05/19 23:00 – 2013/05/20 11:00

The hosting server Plesk 9 is due for replacement following an intermittent fault with the drive array controller.

New server has been setup.
Access to the existing server will be stopped at 11pm
Data will be migrated to replacement server (takes approx 12 hours)

During the maintenance window you will not be able to send/receive emails, access/update websites or manage/query mysql databases.

We apologise in advance for the disruption. but it is necessary to replace hardware when it has or appears about to fail, in order to ensure ongoing services.

New server has been setup and technicians are working on the restore and import of the data to the new systems
Estimated time for availability of services ~4hours (15:45 UK Time)

All ecommerce sites now restored, working through the business hosting sites now
Estimated time for availability of services ~2hours (18:10 UK Time)

All sites have now been restored.  You may have DNS issues whilst your connectivity/broadband provider’s caches update.  We apologise for the extended outage due to the difficulty in retrieving data from the failing components.