COMPLETED: Scheduled Maintenance – Migration of Virtual Private Servers (VPS-OVZ) to new Hardware

Migration to new OVZ/VPS Hardware

As part of our ongoing processes of QA, Monitoring and Upgrading of equipment, it is time to “retire” some of the Virtual Private Server (VPS/OVZ) systems (including several from Mergers-&-Acquisitions) and move those client VPS onto new machines.

Additionally ALL OpenVZ Virtual Server clients will be able to access the improved and extended management tools in the Client Portal with realtime CPU/Disk/Transfer usage details.

This will all be done automatically for affected machines.

In a few rare instances we will need to migrate selected virtual machines to a new IP range (where still on a legacy IP from an acquired provider), so you _may_ need to update config files, dns zones etc with a new IP address – if this is the case you will be notified individually, and all done for you if you have our server management services.

When: 24/May/2013 18:00 to 28/May/2013 18:00

Affects: All OpenVZ Virtual Private Servers

What: Transfer of VPS to new Hardware

Outage: Approx 5 minutes at some point during the window per 10GB of VPS storage used

Maintenance Plan:

In VPS-ID order…
* cleanly shutdown vps through internal ovz management tools
* copy of containers to new hardware
* update of IP address (where applicable)
* initialise vps on new hardware [ tests disk / container / os starts ok ]
* check pings in and out [ tests internet connectivity working ]

For the majority of the Astutium VPS/OVZ users, there will simply be a 10 minute (or less) period of downtime while your data is copied to the new hardware platform.

For those moving to a new IP range, you will be contacted individually with a modified plan specific to your VPS.

*Update 1*
All UK OVZ Clients migrated successfully to new hardware (and new IPs in some cases)