Notification: Domain Transfer Emails to SBH Registrants

If you have today (23/May/2014) received unexpected emails about Domain Name Transfers being in progress, please accept my apologies for any concern/worry caused.

An internal tidy-up process of putting all the domains from recent Mergers & Acquisitions onto our automated systems and to allow us to reduce your price for domain renewals has triggered these emails, which can all be safely ignored.

Some of your domain(s) in the Astutium Client Portal will temporarily show as ‘Pending Transfer’ and then change back a few minutes later to ‘Active’ once the processes complete.

As soon as that happens then changes to your domain (nameservers, renewals etc) will all be fully automated, near-instant (not all registries are real-time) and processed while-you-wait online giving you an improved service level.

If you have any specific questions, please open a support ticket through the client portal, and once again, my apologies for any alarm caused.

Rob Golding
Astutium Ltd