COMPLETED: Maintenance – Fibre Migration / Recabling GS2-THN

Planned Maintenance: Fibre Migration / Recabling GS2-THN

What: Migration of Fibre Routes Global Switch 2 < - > TeleHouse North

Affects: All Equipment in Global Switch 2

When: Sunday, 1825th May 2014 08:00 – 16:00

In order to allow for expansion within our GS2 DataCentre Facilities, the fibre-routes between GS2 and THE are being replaced/recabled and reconfigured.

No client services should be affected as we have multiple diverse routes – although the primary docklands fibre ring will be considered ‘at-risk’ during these works.

Astutium technicians will be onsite during the entire process to ensure minimal impact to the network and to test the new cabling structures meet our very high quality standards.