COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance – Plesk 8-9


What: Unable to access services running on Plesk Hosting Server 8-9

Affects: All customers with Plesk based shared hosting in plsk8 or plsk9 machines

When: Sat 11/June/2016 9:15am

Plesk hosting platform became unresponsive at approx 9.15am this morning.

Support Staff attempted to restart the server remotely but access was not restored.

DataCentre Technicians despatched to site to investigate further.

This issue is under active investigation, initial findings indicate complete failure of the hardware, so it will need to be replaced and data restored to a new system

We apologise for the inconvenience caused, and assure all affected clients that we are working on solving the issue.

Update 1 (2016-06-11 11:45)
The failed server could not be repaired and has been replaced with a new machine, data recovery is in progress, this is expected to complete around 14:00 today