COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance: OVZBudget02

What: Urgent Replacement of :
Load based problems causing VPS Host Node random restarts on the ovz-budget-02 server
This host/node has suffered 3 issues in recent weeks, and again today is under extreme load.

We are therefore performing an emergency migration of all Active VPS to new hardware to prevent further servcie interruptions whilst the device is investigated

All customers with Budget OVZ virtual machines on


Migrations are in progress – ETA on ALL VPS returned to service is 06:00 5th July 2016

We apologise for the inconvenience caused, and the short notice, but due to the nature of the problem, replacement rather than wait-for-fail has been determined the best course of action for clients affected

Update 05:50 5th July – 50% of the migrations have completed and all VPS are back online, due to clients needing access to their virtual machines, we will compete the migration to new hardware overnight on 5th, 6th and 7th July

Update 17:00 6th July – over 80% of VPS have been successfully moved to new host-node hardware with no loss of data and minimal overall impact. Migrations are continuing at off-peak access times – If you’d like to be transferred immediately, please open a ticket.