Category: Emergency Maintenance

Emergency Maintenance Tasks

Emergency Maintenance : Hosting : Stream2 – NIC Failure

We are aware of the issue regarding services. At this stage it appears to be a NIC failure, an engineer in en-route to diagnose and correct. We will post more information once we have it. Update We apologise for the extended outage, the failure has been repaired.

Emergency Maintenance : HostAssist

We apologise for the unscheduled outage of the HostAssist system, this was due to an unexpected update which required a rollback. Engineers are working on the task and all e-mail tickets are being queued. If you require non-urgent support, please e-mail support@othellotech.netand the engineers will respond once the update is complete. Update HostAssist is now available …

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Planned Maintenance: Hosting : R4B – Migration (Chorver)

Friday 25/06/2010 20:00 Due to failing hardware on this server we will be migrating clients over to our more modern cPanel servers. All clients have been notified of their new cPanel login details and they should contact support if they require any assistance setting up mail accounts before the migration process.

Emergency Maintenance : Hosting : cpanel4 (Disk)

Customers with services provided by cpanel4 will be experiencing an unexpected, unplanned outage due to essential disk maintenance on this server. At this point we do not have an exact time for services to be restored, this will ultimately be decided by how much corrective action needs to be taken after the integrity scans complete. …

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