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Dec 02

COMPLETED: Emergency Maintainance: MySQL (DC Hosting/Servers)

Outage: What: Unable to access MySQL services for hSphere accounts Affects: All customers with hSphere accounts that use MySQL When: Sat 2/December/2017 08:30am MySQL services became unavailable this morning on this server. Support Staff attempted to restart the server remotely but access was not restored. DataCentre Technicians despatched to site to investigate further.  The …

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May 29

COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance: OVZBudget03

Outage: What: The issue is currently undergoing active investigation. See updates further down. Affects: All customers with OVZ virtual machines on When: This condition was detected at 07:50 2016/05/29. We do not yet have an ETA for service restoration but this post will be updated as further information is available. Update 2016-05-29 12:00 The …

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Nov 13

COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance: Win6/DC Hosting

Outage: Win6 (DC Hosting) due to RAID Array Degredation What: All customer websites served from Win6 are currently unavailable.  Mail and other servers are still available. Affects: All customers with websites served from Win6 (DC Hosting). Please note; this does not affect any part of the Astutium Network, or the MiniVPS Maidenhead or Manchester based …

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Apr 29

COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance – cPanel02

Emergency Maintenance: cPanel02 Hosting Server Replacement Drives and Migration of Data What is being done: Replacement of SSD Hard Drives and Migration of all existing data to the new disks, in order to proactively replace them prior to complete failure. Who is affected: Clients with cPanel/WHM Linux Hosting Services (web, email, personal, business hosting packages) …

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Nov 16

COMPLETED: Emergency Maintanence – CPanel6

Completed: Emergency Maintenance: cPanel11 Hosting Server What is being done: At present the drives are being checked for consistency and being reorganised due to potential issues being reported by the drives. Who is affected: Clients with cPanel/WHM Linux Hosting Services (web, email, personal, business hosting packages) on server: cPanel6   When is this maintenance: Starting …

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Jun 18

COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance – HSphere/Win6

Emergency Maintenance: Win6 What: Software/Failure Affects: HSphere Web Hosting Services Provided By Win6 When: Wednesday 18th June 2014 10:00 – ongoing Unfortunately thorugh several security issues, both with HSphere itself and customer applications, web hosting services provided by this server cannot be immediately recovered.  As such we are accelerating our plans to migrate customers to …

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Sep 14

COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance – Plesk 3

Unfortunately hosting server platform Plesk-3 has failed beyond repair. This will be affecting any services (email, ftp, web, mysql) you had running on that server. Technicians are working on restoring our last good backup to new hardware, however this is likely to take several days at least. You have 2 options, and we would be …

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Sep 04

COMPLETED: PHP Upgrade – cPanel Services

Due to major security issues with the currently deployed version of the PHP runtime, and the appearance of 0-day exploits for these issues; we have been forced to upgrade PHP to the latest 5.4 branch on all cPanel services. For most up-to-date pre-packaged applications, this should have no effect.  However, custom sites, modules for pre-packaged …

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Jun 20

COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance: Plesk1 (Duck)

Emergency Maintenance: Hosting Plesk 1 What: Unexpected Disk Failure of Hosting Server Plesk-1 Affects: All resellers/customers with websites and email services on Plesk 1 When: 2013/06/20 10:10 Engineers are onsite investigating the extent of the problems. It is currently expected that a new server will need to be deployed (ETA 12 hours) and hosting/email accounts recreated. …

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Jun 05

COMPLETED: Scheduled Maintenance: hSphere Mail Cluster

Disk Array Maintenance: hSphere Mail Cluster We have identified a failing member of the disk array behind the hSphere Mail Cluster.  Unfortunately due to the nature of the shared storage mail service must be interrupted to replace this member and rebuild the data to prevent any loss of stored e-mail.  Affected customers will be unable …

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