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Emergency Maintenance Tasks

Jul 04

COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance: OVZBudget02

What: Urgent Replacement of : Load based problems causing VPS Host Node random restarts on the ovz-budget-02 server This host/node has suffered 3 issues in recent weeks, and again today is under extreme load. We are therefore performing an emergency migration of all Active VPS to new hardware to prevent further servcie interruptions whilst …

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Jun 11

COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance – Plesk 8-9

Outage: What: Unable to access services running on Plesk Hosting Server 8-9 Affects: All customers with Plesk based shared hosting in plsk8 or plsk9 machines When: Sat 11/June/2016 9:15am Plesk hosting platform became unresponsive at approx 9.15am this morning. Support Staff attempted to restart the server remotely but access was not restored. DataCentre Technicians …

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May 31

COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance: OVZBudget03

Outage: What: Intermittent connectivity issues accessing Virtual Private Servers on the ovz-budget-03 server caused by excessive CPU Load and Data-Transfer levels Affects: All customers with OVZ virtual machines on When: Ongoing This issue is under investigation, initial findings indicate one-or-more exploited virtual servers causing connectivity problems to other virtual machines on the same …

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Feb 01

COMPLETED: Planned Maintenance: Astutium Website and Client Portal

Planned Maintenance: Astutium Website and Client Portal Rollout of new features and fixes When is this maintenance: Starting Monday 1st February 2016 10:00 Completing Monday 1st February 2016 18:00 What is being done: * Upgrade to latest versions of Operating System * Security enhancements to Client Portal * Changes to new version of Smarty & …

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Dec 02

COMPLETED:Emergency Maintanence –

Outage: What: All Minecraft servers on are currently unavailable due to a hardware failure. Affects: All customers with Minecraft servers on When: This condition was detected at 21:50 2015/12/02. We do not yet have an ETA for service restoration but this post will be updated as further information is available. Update: December 2nd …

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Nov 13

COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance: Win6/DC Hosting

Outage: Win6 (DC Hosting) due to RAID Array Degredation What: All customer websites served from Win6 are currently unavailable.  Mail and other servers are still available. Affects: All customers with websites served from Win6 (DC Hosting). Please note; this does not affect any part of the Astutium Network, or the MiniVPS Maidenhead or Manchester based …

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Oct 29

COMPLETED: Downtime: Xavvo/MiniVPS Services Newcastle

Outage: Xavvo/MiniVPS Services Newcastle What:  All VPS/VDS/Dedicated Services in Newcastle are currently unavailable. Affects: All customers with Xavvo/MiniVPS services from the Wildcard DataCentre based in Newcastle. Please note; this does not affect any part of the Astutium Network, or the MiniVPS Maidenhead or Manchester based services. When: This condition was detected at 16:40 2015/10/29.  We …

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Oct 18

COMPLETED: Downtime: MiniVPS OVH SSD Server

Downtime: MiniVPS OVH SSD Server The minivps ovz ssdfr1 server is currently offline/not responding What is being done: We are waiting on OVH support to restart the server and determine the status of the machine Who is affected: Clients with … OVZ-SSD-FR services from MiniVPS on servers/systems: ssd1fr Once the machine is returned to service …

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Oct 03

COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance – DNP1W2K8

DotNetPanel Your Windows Control Panel

COMPLETED: Emergency Maintenance: DotNetPanel Hosting Server DNP1Win2K8 What is being done: Follwing a fault with service not correctly starting in windows a hard reboot of the server was necessary. Server is now failing at boot unable to read from sections of the drives/array. Replacement of SSD primary drives necessary before reinstallation/repair of Windows Core 2k8 …

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Jun 04

COMPLETED: Planned Maintenance: cPanel05

Planned Maintenance: cPanel05 Hosting Server Replacement Drives, Migration of Data and Hardware Upgrades What is being done: Replacement of SSD Hard Drives and Migration of all existing data to the new disks, following the check/repair/analysis of other hosting servers (see Emergency Maintenance – CPanel06 on 16/November) we are continuing the rollout of new SSD drive …

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